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Joseph W. Bowley & Co., LLP

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For over 20 years, we have been privileged to partner with an accounting firm that shares our values and commitment to our clients. Through this affiliation, our clients have access to comprehensive tax advice, tax planning and Individual, Business, Estate and Trust tax preparation.

Joseph W. Bowley, CPA

Joseph is a managing partner at Joseph W. Bowley & Company, L.L.P. He has over thirty-five years of relevant tax and audit experience. Licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and has a diversified background in providing accounting and auditing services to individuals, businesses, Non-Profits and Government.

Computer Services Consultant

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Clark Milioti, office systematics, llc

For over 18 years Clark has provided small businesses with onsite services and consulting in the areas of Windows-based computer systems, network development and on-going maintenance.  His extensive experience helps customers apply their technology investments to realize desired business outcomes.  Office Systematics, LLC is a cost-effective outsource option for organizations that cannot justify full-time information technology personnel.  Industries Office Systematics, LLC has served include: Law, Financial Planning and Insurance, Medical, Accounting, Pharmaceutical, Publishing, Engineering Consulting, Business Consulting, Commercial Property Management, Marketing, Manufacturing and Distribution, Construction, Materials Recycling, and Funeral Home Management.

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